SmartKnobs 2

We recently had the pleasure to show some details about SmartKnobs2 in the SonicState Podcast:


  • Dynamic and flexible control of your DAW using your MIDI controllers.
  • Dynamically manage controller-parameter mappings.
  • Create layouts associated with specific tracks/plugins.
  • Use additional layers and global layouts for flexibility.
  • Full MIDI feedback - including CCs.
  • Tagging system to associate layouts with multiple tracks.
  • Automatic layout selection based on focused track/plugin.
  • Control: CCs / plugins / tracks / actions and more.
  • Scribble strips - feedback data to MCU style scribble strips - with special extended support for XTouch controllers.
  • Using the control map creator - create customized control maps to connect any MIDI controller with Smart Knobs 2.
  • + Much more...


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Track Mode

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Plugin Mode

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MIDI Filter

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Controller Map Creator